Useful Resources

We've compiled all our handy downloadable resources into one place so you can find whatever you're looking for with a quick click. 

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We've collated all the resources from throughout the Vyne website so you can download them below.

Your Guide to Common Stoma Problems
(PDF 904.47KB)
Your Guide to Stoma Appliances
(PDF 1652.98KB)
Dietary Advice for Stoma Patients
(PDF 462.26KB)
The Crusting Technique
(PDF 499.97KB)
Living with a Stoma
(PDF 1469.4KB)
Living with an Indwelling Catheter
(PDF 716.22KB)
Bladder Diary
(PDF 72.92KB)
Your Guide to Catheters
(PDF 353.41KB)
Fitting your Urinary Sheath
(PDF 307.02KB)
Staying Hydrated with a Urinary Catheter
(PDF 915.37KB)
Your Hydration Tracker
(PDF 75.24KB)
Travelling with Your Catheter
(PDF 710.4KB)
Travel Certificate
(PDF 66.43KB)
Bladder Retaining
(PDF 497.17KB)
Pelvic Floor Exercises
(PDF 301.83KB)